PATCH 11.2.1

Changes in the update :

Elga event is disabled
- Added 2 new set

- Add new NPC

- Reduced number of arenas
14:00:00.000 (France Time.)
18:00:00.000 (France Time.)
21:00:00.000 (France Time.)
23:00:00.000 (France Time.)
- Added a bag of 25 Point, which you can get for winning the arena

- Item you can get from any monster in the world, the main thing is that it was your level.
- Fixed the error at which the boss of the elga disconnected the locations
- Update Roulette.
- Update Mega Sell.
(Start 31.03.17 22:00 France Time.)

Post Forum Crete Date 31/03/17