Changes in the update :

-  Installed  update "Last Hero - Part 1"
-  Installed  new location :
  * Canyon of Heroes.
  * City of Arcadia.

You can get to them through the Camp of Ellora.

- Teleportation tower has been updated.

- Install new Elemental weapon.

- Install Mission Last Hero.

- Install F6 Last Hero.

- Install new NPC From which you can receive special rings.

- Install new Quest.
Install function completely disconnect chat

Install 3 new Order

- Fixed errors at locations "Mission" now all items are displayed correctly

Install Abusive filter in chat.
- Fixed a bug with a counter of monsters in all locations.
Install  "Arcadia Sity" 
* In order to get into the city, you need to Completed new quests at the NPC Angus : [Canyon of Heroes]

Install new Set "Last Hero"
Install new Weapon "Arcadia"

Install new Dungeon Arcadia.

- Update Cash Item.
- Update Roulette.

- The work of protecting the elements has been changed.
- Add new card crafts (81-90) In the Cash shop.

Discounts for replenishment of account are included.

* (

PayPal and Starpass.

We to update and hope that you will like the pleasant game players hydra!

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