PATCH 20.0.6 - 20.0.7

Changes in the update :

Fixed attack weapon  Arcadia (Shaman/Fighter).
- Added to the game Hellper HYDRA.

- Elemental card lv 7* now they have a level (71-90).
- Reduced the number of drops for obtaining elemental card.
- Fixed bug with creating cells (7* the caft items that are needed to change the subject have a level 71-90).
- Increased the number of arenas a day.

- Delete elemental def in the set of the galaxy.
- Delete elemental def in the set of the Elga.
- Balanced all the elemental wings of Paris.
- Balanced card Elemental def.
- Update Mega Sell.
- Fixed Last Hero Lunar Ring.
- Fixed Last Hero Stella Ring.

Post Forum Crete Date 31/05/17