PATCH 20.2.0 - 20.2.1

Changes in the update :

- Update Mario dungeon.
- Added boss with cubes at the end of the passage of Mario.

- Now in the dungeon of Mario, if you fall, you are restored to the place where they fell.
- Fixed Mario button "Start."
- Item  "Rare Crystal Mario" now you can get monsters and the boss in the mario dungeon.

- Add new elemental weapon Last Hero.

- Update Roulette.

- Update Jumping event :
(Starting from August 19 and until August 31, create a character on our server and get level 80 from the beginning of the game!)
Enabled  Event  : Gift of Hydra! :
(Starting from August 19 and until August 31 , come into the game and get cool gifts in honor of the end of the summer!)
Update laucher.
- Update Mega Sell.

Post Forum Crete Date 19/08/17