PATCH 4.2.3 - 4.2.4

Changes in update :
-Fixed a bug in the legendary costume Paris.
-Fixed a bug with tuna weapons for fighters
-Setting potions stop experience (Now it takes a lot more experience.)
-Changed indicator for Critical. (Now you can learn some thing gives a chance crit.)
-Established event chocolate factory (F1-F2-F5.) (1 week.)
-Added new items in the exchanger.(1 week.)
-Fixed Point Shop.
-Added a new NPC in the Port of the Winds.(1 week.)
-In honor of one month, we have increased the life of the server drops a server with up to x5 > x10. (1 week.)
-It increased the number of pouches produced for the fact that the character is in the game with 2 pieces of up to 3 pieces. (1 week.)

Post Forum Crete Date 12/11/16