PATCH 5.1.5 - 5.1.6

Changes in update:
-Added Ability to transmit natural lures.
-Improved Dungeon red queen.
-Added Mini-map on the red queen.
-Added Trail chocolate factory.
-Added Things to share the ingredients of the chocolate factory.
-Added Cerberus ring.
-Added New Grady rings. (16-20)
-Added Ability to transfer / sell / exchange weapon Elga.
-Changed Store with things galaxy.
-Updated Loading bar.
-Now The subject "Black Dragon Lord Talisman" Elga part of the costume.
-Fixed Legendary costume Paris.
-Fixed A special characteristic in the subject "[Hero] Protector of Stars Gun Staff"
-Fixed Crashes out of the game with an error (0000000x3)
Enjoy the game, along with a hydra!

Post Forum Crete Date 12/11/16