PATCH 10.0.0

Changes in update :
-Disabled autumn festival
-Updated login interface to the game
-Removed NPC (autumn festival)
-Partially fixed some bugs in the game
-Install mission Halloween
-Install dungeon Halloween
-Install NPC "Jack"
--Install NPC "Randy"
-Install Quest Halloween
-Added the ability to learn what items may drop from monsters
-Added new legendary costumes
-Added new decoration
-Added new accessories
-Added items to improve the chance of charm object
-Added items to improve the chance of soulcraft object
-Added the ability to get on the warpath cereals Halloween
-Added new balls
-Added the ability to improve the Aim Rate 8% > 16%
-Updated for gifts online game :
1 Hours - 4 x Bags of cash
2 Hours - 4 x  Torn Invitation
3 Hours - 4 x  Halloween Coin
Update site :
-Install online support
-Install discounts on the purchase "W-COIN"

Post Forum Crete Date 12/11/16