PATCH 10.0.2

Changes in update :
-Fixed an issue with the costume baseball
-Added initial suits
-Fixed  drop with pumpkins
-Add New Item "[Special] Enchant Insurance Scroll [+3%]"
-Add New Item "[Special] Reinforced Enchant Insurance Scroll [+3%]"
-Add New Item "[Special] Soulcraft scroll [+5%]"
-Fixed bugs with all the costumes Elga (for all classes)
-The Odelia installed NPC Haruka
-The Odelia installed NPC Yamaki
-Added character card
-Added character card changes
-Update MEGA SELL (Start sales : 17:00 France time.)
-Fixed Jumping
-Added action to replenish the account in your account. (Start Action 10.10.2016 -  End 20.10.2016.)

Post Forum Crete Date 12/11/16