PATCH 11.1.0 - 11.1.1 (VALENTINE DAY)

Changes in update :

- Went to the end of the winter Event.
- Installed on the server update Valentine Day.
- Add new Item Valentine Day.

- Add new holiday items.
- Add new Valentine Day - Quest.
- Update Login screen.
- Update Laucher.
Completed translation of premium system.
- Completed translation Community Event

- Add function of converting item
(The following updates will be to convert the items and sell them on the market).

-Added a new effect from the weapons Valentine's Day

- Add New PvP Set ( (All class)
- Add New PvP Weapon ( (All class)

- Add NPC Trade Furniture for home.

- Add auction for the purchase of homes in the Port of the Winds.

Increased the number of Arenas in the day : 
10:00 (France Time.)
11:00 (France Time.)
12:00 (France Time.)
13:00 (France Time.)
14:00 (France Time.)
15:00 (France Time.)
16:00 (France Time.)
17:00 (France Time.)
18:00 (France Time.)
19:00 (France Time.)
20:00 (France Time.)
21:00 (France Time.)
22:00 (France Time.)
23:00 (France Time.)

- Update Roulette.
- Item Ice necklace Now it is possible to : Trade/Sell in the market.
Changed rewards for participation in the arena.

- Add new section to solve problems.

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