PATCH 11.1.3 - 11.1.4

Changes in update :

- Add new Item.

- Add new Pets.

- Fixed error Emporia.
- Fixed error Arena.
- Fixed Back Tiger corrected and added to the Dracaena.
- Reduced waiting time of transition from guild in guild 48H > 12H.
- Fixed loading Valentine's Day
- All players will receive a gift box, open it, you can use the golden key. 
(To get the gold key you need to talk to the NPC at Port of the Winds.)
* From March 4 to March 14.
In the Treasure Chest, you can get paid item from the store cash.

- Update Roulette. 
Included in the action Donat.
(Start 05/03/17 - End 15/03/17.)

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