PATCH 11.1.6

Changes in the update :

Valentine's Day Event is Disable
- Titan Event is Disable
- Install Haruka Event

- Add F7 Haruka

- Add new bijouterie

- Add new Set

- Add new Ballon
- Add new quest
- Fixed an bonus attack in the helmet of Titan
- Fixed skill Smart Shot the Drakans
Add the ability to run game windows, without third-party software
(To start more than one window, go to the folder ...Dragonica Hydra/Release/ And Start Dragonica.exe)
- Add Anti-Cheat System
(If after an update you have problems with starting the game, then install the service pack Visual Studio)

- Update Roulette
- Add Action Donate (Haruka Event)
(Start 21.03 - End 31.03)
- Update Mega Sell (Start - 22.03.17 17:00 France Time.)

Post Forum Crete Date 20/03/17