PATCH 11.1.9

Changes in the update :

Corrected sakura box event.
- Changed stats at cherry beret. 
- Fixed skill from Drakan (Smart Shot).
- Update Mega Sell
* (Start 26.03.17 19:00 France Time.)

- Reducing the consumption of cherry rubies in exchange.
- The Elga Attack Event has been installed.
The Elge boss appears every hour on the locations:
Canyon of Oblivion
Kalygon Fleet
- Mining Area
- Port of the Winds
- Eruda Valley
- Fungoid Village
- Vartika Hill
- Chaser’s Ridge
- VanCliff Fortress Lobby
- Wing Gorge
- Libra
- Add new npc Elga.

- Add new Pet

Post Forum Crete Date 25/03/17